Student Life at HSU

Creative and open-minded. Friendly and curious. Progressive and different. That's Humboldt State students, and they do quite a bit more than complete their degree requirements. They explore, volunteer, organize and play. They try new things and challenge the status quo.

At Humboldt State, we encourage you to pursue your interests and follow your own path—in the classroom and beyond.

Get Involved

国产偷拍视频A great way to get connected and make friends is to get involved with campus activities. There's always something going on, from festivals to football games, big events to special lectures.

Scale the 40-foot rock wall in the Student Rec Center, go for a run on the community forest trails, join a club or organize your own. There are nearly 200 campus clubs, intramural sports teams and Greek organizations to choose from.

Clubs and more

Student Media

Living Here

国产偷拍视频Living on campus is a great way to meet friends and get connected to all HSU has to offer. As an on-campus resident you’ll be at the heart of a university committed to your academic success. Whether you or , HSU has resources to make you feel at home.

Green Dorm Room

国产偷拍视频One of our "green rooms."

On-campus Housing options

国产偷拍视频Our apartments and residence halls are located in a spectacular setting–on the edge of a 2,500-acre Redwood forest–and yet just a short walk from the heart of campus.

Theme & Community Housing

国产偷拍视频When you come to HSU, you can choose a residence hall organized around a theme. Theme & Community Housing gives you a chance to live and learn for a year alongside people who share your interests.

  • Academic Intensive Living
  • Colony of The Arts
  • Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Global Humboldt
  • Indoor Adventure
  • International Living
  • Klamath Connection Living
  • La Comunidad
  • Native American Living
  • Outdoor Adventures & Leadership
  • Rainbow Community
  • Sankofa House
  • Stars to Rocks
  • Students for Violence Prevention
  • Upperclassmen & Non-Traditional Aged Student Housing
  • Veterans Housing


国产偷拍视频Humboldt State is home to plenty of great eateries. They range from small markets and coffee shops to a full-service cafeteria and a food court. There’s even a full-service restaurant. Healthy options and local products are plentiful.

Exploring Humboldt

There's plenty of adventure to be found beyond campus, and getting connected with our unique area is a big part of the Humboldt experience.

The natural environment around campus is an outdoor adventurer's paradise, highlighted by ancient redwood forests and wild coastline. Within just a few minutes of campus, you can bike, camp, canoe, climb, hike, kayak, surf and much more. In fact, National Geographic Adventure magazine calls our hometown of Arcata one of its "50 next great adventure towns."

国产偷拍视频Arcata is also a great college town, and nearby Eureka also offers small-town charm. They both have excellent coffee houses, clubs, art galleries, restaurants and book stores. The area also has a slew of fun annual festivals and events.

Farmers Market

国产偷拍视频Students shopping at the

Getting Support

All over campus you'll find people committed to your success. We know you'll do best when you get plenty of personal attention. With all the support campus has to offer, you won't be on your own when it comes to figuring out college life.

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